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  • Prayer Ride 2019
    01/03/19 - 02/03/19

    Join the ekklesia as we assemble from all around London with our strength in the Lord, setting our hearts on pilgrimage in our capital and beyond, with the roar of the victory of the cross, causing springs of life, salvation, liberty, righteousness and love drench all.

    This year we intentionally know that as we set out on the first day of Spring, that through our prayers, praise and proclamations, we’ll fill each carriage of the tubes (Northern and Central Lines) establishing Jesus authority over every atmosphere, and see every bitter water that has overwhelmed many and chocked lives encounter the power of the empty wooden cross and cause the impossible to become possible for our land.

    Will you join heaven’s throng as we flood London and beyond on this prophetic day as all London and our nation’s springs are in Him!

    Springs Breakforth!


    Meeting Point and Time: 18:30

    Leg 1:

    High Barnet Tube Station - Morden

    Leg 2:

    West Ruislip Tube Station - Epping

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