• 11.07.14 - 1000 new Revs ‘a remarkable gift to both Church and our nation’

    The Church of England will be ordaining nearly 1000 men and women this summer to minister in churches across the country. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds including the Army, banking, social media consultancy and racecourse management, deacons and priests will be celebrating their new roles as ‘Reverends’ within the Church of England.

    The Bishop of Sheffield, Steven Croft, Chair of the Church of England's Ministry Council, said: ‘The ordination of nearly a thousand new deacons and priests in this season is a remarkable gift to both the Church and our nation. These deacons and priests will between them make an extraordinary contribution to the lives of communities across the land, in service, in leading God's people in worship and through inviting others to follow Christ. It is a huge encouragement to see so many women and men in every age group responding to God's call to ordained ministry’.

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